Stoic Mentoring

Dr J.C. Coetzee (PhD) is a Clinical Psychologist who offers Stoic mentoring sessions as part of his online psychology practice. Dr J.C. Coetzee has been studying and practicing psychology and philosophy for more than 20 years. He is well versed in the philosophical schools of Stoicism and Existentialism as well as Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology. Dr Coetzee has been practicing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the past 20 years. He holds a PhD in Philosophy of Psychiatry as well as a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.

Stoic mentoring is a process of mentoring where Stoic philosophical insights are applied to everyday life. Much can be gained by applying Stoic philosophical insights to everyday situations. The aim of Stoic mentorship is to develop the cognitive skills associated with Stoic philosophy and apply those skills in practical ways to everyday existence.

The Stoic mentorship process involves virtual contact sessions between the mentor and mentee. These sessions are scheduled at the request of the mentee. During these sessions Stoic philosophical insights are applied practically to life situations as they arise. A disciplined and active Stoic life philosophy is encouraged where cognitive, emotive and behavioural patterns are identified and modified to be more adaptive and functional to personal growth and well being.

The Stoic mentoring process also draws insights from cognitive theory models aswell as cognitive neuroscience. Cognitive models in general posits that it is not situations that directly impact one’s reaction (emotional, behavioral, and physiologic). Rather, it is one’s automatic perception of the situation that is more closely associated with the reaction.